Introducing the people who made the AI in Public Health Decisions Toolkit

Background to the Toolkit

The AI in Public Health Decisions Toolkit was developed over the course of six online public engagement workshops. Members of the public, research scientists from UCL, and a graphic designer worked together to co-create the final set of resources.

Our group

Members of the public who took part in creating the Toolkit were a dynamic group of people who genuinely want to make a positive change to the future of how Artificial Intelligence is used to support our health and wellbeing. People in the group had different backgrounds, skills and ages.

The group included:

  • People who use public health services e.g. to stop smoking

  • People who deliver public health services e.g. helping people stop smoking

  • People who are interested in public health

  • Researchers from UCL working on AI in public health

Reflections from the group

“I enjoyed being able to explore and share views on an interesting topic while hearing diverse viewpoints.”

"Our discussions covered socio-economic issues and neurodiversity needs which aren’t often considered.”

“The group have always valued inclusion, listening to and taking on board everyone’s input and feedback.”

"I didn't know anything about AI and I've enjoyed learning about it during this project."

The Human Behaviour-Change Project

The Toolkit project grew out of the Human Behaviour-Change Project. The Human Behaviour-Change Project (HBCP) is a research project aiming to develop an artificial intelligence system to make predictions about how effective different behaviour change interventions will be in a given context, based on evidence from published research studies.

Contact us

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